Efteling restaurant

A fine restaurant within walking distance of the Efteling

with a casual and friendly atmosphere.

Day at the Efteling? GuestHouse Foodbar makes it complete!

GuestHouse Foodbar is the restaurant near the Efteling where you can enjoy delicious, fresh meals in a casual convivial atmosphere! Nice to end your day here with a delicious meal. Moreover, enjoy an atmospheric ambiance. GuestHouse Foodbar is the beating heart of the GuestHouse Hotel; the newest hotel within walking distance of the Efteling. The restaurant is highly recommended if you want to stay overnight and turn your day out into a weekend. For example, to add an extra day at the Efteling or to enjoy the many other beautiful things that central Brabant has to offer.

It is good to know that 500 metres from the Efteling there is a restaurant where you can sit down after a busy day and enjoy the most delicious dishes. Meet the special concept of the GuestHouse Foodbar. Here you can easily view the menu via QR codes and order your dishes.

The restaurant near the Efteling

Wanted near the Efteling: restaurant. Found: GuestHouse Foodbar! With our concept, you can enjoy the most delicious dishes from 12:00 to 22:00! From lunch to dinner and everything in between: you are welcome!
GuestHouse Foodbar is part of GuestHouse Hotel. Good to know that you can also stay here overnight. The area has enough to offer for a stay of several days!

Ready at the Efteling? Need a restaurant? GuestHouse Foodbar!

End a great day in a restaurant near the Efteling? Then come to the GuestHouse Foodbar. Just a six-minute walk from the Efteling is the GuestHouse Foodbar. The restaurant is only open to hotel guests. We only make reservations for groups larger than 10 people. Otherwise, reservations are not necessary and you are always welcome. Contact us now.