Psssssssssttttt..... Did you know that there is an even faster route to the Efteling?

  1. Enter the parking lot and walk through the 3rd row of cars.
  2. Find the small path between the wooden fences and turn right, in the street called ‘Cambreur’.
  3. Walk straight on untill te first street on the left hand site. This is the ‘Modelleur’ .
  4. Keep walking straight and follow  ‘Modelleur’  you will pass the office building “Hoefijzer”. Pass the offices on your left hand.
  5. At the end of the pavement, turn left
  6. You can already spot the Efteling!! Cross the street!
  7. Walk past the busstation on the right hand site and find the small tunnel and enter your Efteling adventure. Have fun!! 😀
Route Efteling