(please fill in 1 form per room)

Dear guest,

Welcome to our hotel,

We are obliged to ask you a number of questions about your health before your visit or stay. We do that through this checklist. One person per room or table only needs to complete this checklist and then fill it out for all guests in the room. The answers you enter are only kept for 3 days and then removed from our files.

Please tick your answers in the form. If you press send, a green check or a red notification will appear. With a green check, you show this to our receptionist and you are very welcome in our hotel. If you receive a red notification, we ask you to consult with one of our employees.

COVID-rules in short:
  • In our hotels a masking obligation applies. All guests aged 13 and older are required to wear a face mask in all public areas of the hotel.
  • Our FoodBar is only open to hotel guests. Based on the new corona law, no alcohol may be consumed or sold after 20 hours.
  • With more than 2 people per room and / or table, the party must come from the same household.